7 comentarios sobre “REVISTA LITERAL: EDICIÓN MAYO 2018

  1. Hello! Your revista literal is really inspiring about the things teachers can encourage to do. I am a teacher at Brookline high school. My advanced freshmen have to write fiction children stories in one of our units. They just finish theirs. I was wondering if you would accept work to publish from students from other schools. And if i could submit my students work and how. Thank you! Marta Fuertes


    Me gusta

  2. Reblogueó esto en Sorrel Olearyy comentado:
    Great story which led us to the wonderful song and video on We had just spent time playing with the song Bicicleta by Shakira and Carlos Vives and exploring a little of Colombia through this song, so was a serendipitous moment. Thanks for setting up the Revista Martina, it’s going to be a huge motivator for my student’s writing.

    Me gusta

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